Here's How It Works

1. Requests for services are accepted by calling to make an appointment. Only those applicants who have made appointments will be seen. Walk-ins will be scheduled for an appointment at a later date and asked to return at that time.

2. Anyone may apply for CHAN services however families with children ages 0 to 5 years have priority.

3. Applicants requesting services will fill out an intake form. The intake form is kept on file. This form is how CHAN will stay in contact with clients so it is very important that the information be kept up-to-date.

4. Initial requests for emergency services will be accommodated upon completion of the application according to the availability of supplies on hand.

5. Upon subsequent requests for service, clients will be asked to attend or volunteer their time at a CHAN sponsored event. As events and seminars are planned, clients are notified of the dates.

6. Those client who regularly attend events and/or volunteer are given preference when items such as vouchers, baby items, food, clothing, gift cards or other resources are available.

7. That's it. The more clients put into the program the more they will receive from it. Those who have committed to continuously working on projects and contributing to the program's success, will not only be first for services, they will be considered first when paid positions become available at CHAN or our partners.


New Program Component: From Where You Are


CHAN was initially established to address the health disparities and provide emergency services of low income families and other at-risk communities, however what we have seen in serving our clients is that in addition to our health education services there is a great need to deal with poverty and its underlying causes.

To address this need, CHAN had created the “From Where You Are” initiative. This program is designed to give instruction, guidance, support services and incentives to clients who desire to set and reach goals of higher education, sound finances and health and wellness goals.

From Where You Are begins with orientation and assessment in order to see where the specific needs of the clients lie. CHAN offers three classes: Education, Financial Management and Health and Nutrition. The client may enroll in as many of these classes as they choose.

The Education component of the program aims to address the needs of the client at whatever starting point they are. We are in the process of raising funds for ESL and GED prep software and in the meantime we have lined up speakers from local schools and colleges, to come and speak about college admissions and enrollment. We will also have representatives from the Department of Education who will talk about financial aid.  Clients will be guided step by step through to completion of each stage of the educational goal.  Should the client opt to attend college, CHAN case managers will assist with financial aid applications, admissions and enrollment. In addition, CHAN will assist new students with some school supplies, provide tutoring assistance, bus passes when available, and ongoing counseling and support.

The Financial Management segment addresses household budgeting and savings. Tax accounting, investments and wealth management will be discussed. Bank representatives will be in attendance to talk to clients about establishing personal savings and checkings accounts.  Businesspeople from the local community will conduct "Steps to Success" seminars and share their personal stories. The goal of the class is to assist clients in establishing and maintaining banks accounts in good standing, avoid predatory lenders and demonstrate ways to budget, save and repair their credit.  Incorporating and practicing self-restraint and delayed gratification strategies, client will be encouraged and supported in establishing habits that will lead to asset building.  Clients will be assisted  with obtaining a credit report, opening a bank account and keeping track of spending habits. We intend to include a coupon club where clients will get together to clip and exchange coupons, track sales at local stores and share money saving tips. With diligence and careful application, a family could be ready to buy a home or start a small business in three years or less.

The Health and nutrition component of the program will include advice and instruction on how to make the transition from choosing foods for convenience to choosing foods for nutrition. This will include food preparation demonstrations, taste testing, coupon club, information on how to read labels, the hows and whys of good nutrition, recipe shopping and meal preparation.  We will hold fun events like healthy cookouts and best recipe contests. Depending on the level of particpation, we are looking to include a physical exercise segment.  We will provide incentives like small appliances for clients who set and meet fitness goals as funding allows.

 The From Where you are initiative will also include a component addressing the specific issues of  ex-offenders reintegrating back into the community.