Volunteer Opportunities At CHAN

Why Volunteer?                     

Having a small income does not mean you have nothing to give.  In fact, your best asset is yourself and the most valuable thing you have is time.  Volunteering is an opportunity to make the best of both!  In addition to helping improve your community, you can get valuable work experience to list on a resume. This is especially helpful when explaining to potential employers how you used your time between jobs. Volunteers are essential in CHAN's efforts to continue providing service to the community and we welcome your willingness to participate.

Volunteering for CHAN has the added benefit of first  preference in the goods and services than CHAN provides.  Below is a list of what goods can be obtained for volunteer service hours:


How In-Kind Exchange Works

5 volunteer service hours = 1 bag of groceries


10 volunteer service hours = 1 package of diapers or 1 can of formula


20 volunteer service hours = $25 Walmart gift card


20 volunteer service hours = new clothing or shoes (purpose specific only)


30 volunteer service hours = personal referral for emergency utility voucher


40 volunteer service hours = 1 stroller or carseat*


Continuous volunteer participants have access to CHAN services and first consideration when paid positions become available.



 Volunteer Positions are Currrently Open for:

data entry

creating flyers

donor solicitation

bi-lingual services

writing thank-you letters

writing news letters

seminar set-ups

facilitating support groups

putting up flyers

food bank delivery driver (need truck)

web page updating

referral services research